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Our Team consists of experts with a lot of experience in the area of aeronautical operations such as: performance, route, weight and balance calculations and analysis, flight planning, operational supervision, cost analysis and optimization of planned operations.
We are also experienced in the air operator certification process (CAT).

All members of our team have experience in conducting specialized trainings for airline employees (flight and ground personnel), airport employees and ground handling agents. They also have vast knowledge of regulations regarding dangerous goods transportation (DG) as far as audits,
controls and trainings are concerned.
Our specialists have university degrees in the field of aeronautics and
CERTIFICATES which guarantee the highest level of proficiency
and knowledge in their subject areas.

We cooperate exclusively with persons having adequate knowledge and experience.

many years of work experience in different areas of civil aviation as well as aviation supervision and cooperation with international organizations such as ICAO and EASA

wide knowledge of domestic and international air law, regulating civil aviation operations, as well as its practical implementation, in accordance with a given specificity of subject’s operations

team of specialists with complex knowledge and experience guaranteeing the highest standards of service. We pay attention to theory but we give greater importance to the practice.

flexible and friendly approach towards our customers. We treat everyone individually, trying to adjust to their needs and requirements (specification of operations, season, fleet development, expiration dates of certificates, trainings, audits, etc.)


Let us present an offer meeting expectations and needs of aviation industry, which is suitable for air operators of all levels of complexity as well as for organizations and other entities connected, directly or indirectly, with air transport and other aviation services.

Our offer includes a range of services, from conducting trainings in different areas, through the preparation and development of operational documentation, to the broadly defined assistance in the realization of tasks connected with operator’s activities (consulting & support).

We would like to provide comprehensive support in running day-to-day aviation operations including personnel trainings, assistance with creation of documentation (operation manuals, ground handling handbooks, procedures), consulting in area of air and ground operations, dangerous goods transportation as well as audit and air operator certification consultations, according to binding regulations and standards. We also offer support in creation of dedicated IT solutions and consulting concerning their purchase and implementation.

We set the price and form of cooperation individually, each time taking into consideration the variety of company-specific aspects such as structure and size of organization, type and area of operations, personnel, number and types of aircraft, experience in the industry, etc.

We strive to make our services adjusted to your needs as much as possible in order to achieve satisfactory and permanent effects. 


Operational documentation is a collection of information and rules essential to be able to conduct operations in a safe and effective manner, according to existing regulations and standards. In most cases, it shall be approved by the appropriate civil aviation authority in a given country.

We provide a comprehensive development of operational documentation as well as modification of existing documentation. This offer is suitable for commercial air operators (CAT, SPO, SPO-HR), private aircraft operators (GA/NCC), ground handling agents and includes the following documents:

◈  OPS Manual - Operations Manual (parts A, B, C, D)
◈  SMM - SMS Manual
◈  MEL  - Minimum Equipment List
◈  CCM  - Cabin Crew Manual
◈  EFB Manual  - EFB User's Manual
◈  ERP – Emergency Response Plan
◈  AHM - Airport Handling Manual
◈  GOM - Ground Operations Manual

◈  WBM - Weight and Balance Manual
◈  LS - Load and Trim Sheet
①  ②
◈  EDP – Electronic Data Processing ①  ②  ③

The offer is valid for any aircraft type/variant and may be combined with the essential personnel training in the scope agreed with the operator eg. regarding changes implemented to the documentation (see: OPS Trainings – Flight Operations).

  WAB Engineering calculations and graphical development of WAB sheet in print-ready form. On Operator’s request, LIR (Loading Instruction/Report) sheet may be developed.
Documentation is developed in accordance with IATA AHM standards.

  Information package required to define database containing parameters of certain aircraft type/variant for DCS (Departure Control System).
Structure and data in accordance with IATA AHM standards.


Taking into consideration the development of aviation industry and modifications of regulations and standards, we offer you a comprehensive support within the following aviation activities:

◈  Flight operations (Flight Ops/OCC)
◈  Ground Handling
◈  Dangerous Goods Transportation by Air (DGR)
◈ Compliance Management System (CMS) and Management of Change in Organization
◈  Safety Management System (SMS)

Our offer includes, among others:

◈ Organizational and operational analysis of aviation operations and personnel competence for certain positions

◈  Development and optimization of Operations Control Centers (OCC)

◈ Performance analysis (Performance and Weight and Balance) taking into account aircraft type and/or variant specifics and aerodrome specifics (runway characteristics, direction, obstacles, SID/STAR procedures, etc.)

◈ Comprehensive development of operational documentation (Complex and Non-Complex Organizations)

◈ Safety Management System implementation together with personnel training

◈ Wide spectrum of specialist trainings  conducted by qualified and experienced instructors

◈ Development and implementation of dedicated IT tools supporting air operators and handling agent operations, together with personnel training

◈ Analysis and consulting regarding implementation of system solutions

We approach our customers individually, taking into consideration their needs, specifics of operations and possibilities.


Conducting aviation operations requires fulfillment of many complex regulations, both domestic and international.
Certain standards must be observed in everyday operations.

Each operator is obliged to establish a quality system which ensures that certain regulations are observed all the time, since the stage of certification, throughout the operations, being continuously supervised by appropriate Civil Aviation Authority.

We can perform audits within following aviation activities:


Additionally, we offer the assessment of Ground Handling standards, conducted by our experts in accordance with 7 fields of ISAGO certification:

♦  Organization and Management (ORM-H, ORM-HS, ORM-S)
♦  Load control (LOD)
♦  Passenger handling (PAX)
♦  Baggage handling (BAG)
♦  Aircraft treatment and loading (HDL)
♦  Aircraft ground movement (AGM)
♦  Cargo
& mail processing (CGM)

Once audit actions are finished, customer receives documentation package created during the audit (control lists, protocol, notes, photo documentation and a copy of operator’s documentation).

On customer’s request, in addition to the audit, we can prepare a set of recommendations containing nonconformities revealed during the process, together with proposal of their effective elimination.

We approach all our customers individually, taking into consideration their needs and specifics of operations.


In accordance with the applicable regulations, conducting aviation operations involving commercial transport of people and/or goods require obtaining Air Operator Certificate (AOC).
Requirements that operator must meet have been clearly defined in relevant regulations, and the process itself consists of series of activities that must be carried out in order to obtain AOC.

The process itself is time-consuming and requires involvement of many people with adequate knowledge in various subject areas related to conducting operations by air operator. This knowledge should be supported by experience not only in this subject area but also in the process of AOC certification. Excellent knowledge of domestic and international regulations concerning Commercial Air Transport (CAT) is also essential.

We offer professional support in the course of obtaining Air Operator Certificate (AOC), including comprehensive process management on your behalf and on the behalf of the Operator.

The offer includes, among others:

♦  Preparation of operator for certification audit conducted by Aviation Authority, including participation in the audit, support, preparation of the programme for the elimination of revealed nonconformities

♦  Conducting analysis with regard to requirements which must be met by the operator applying for the certificate and creating list of these requirements

♦  Preparation of certification process, together with defining pre-application actions, which includes: defining the scope of actions, preparing the certification schedule, list of applications, letters, attachments and documents which shall be submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority

♦  Presentation of the proposed organisation structure of the operator, together with indication of key positions and their competences

♦  Assessment of candidates proposed for key positions (Nominated Persons) in terms of meeting requirements and their usefulness at these positions

♦  Filling in the applications on behalf of the operator, completing with corresponding attachments and submitting to the Civil Aviation Authority

♦  Monitoring the opinion and acknowledgement of submitted applications process, together with implementing necessary modifications until receiving acknowledgment from the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority

Our Customer may count on our professional and friendly approach


We offer a wide range of services addressed mainly to customers associated with aviation and air transport markets as well as to those cooperating within these branches.
Our offer is addressed to handling agents, airports, CAMO organisations, air carriers and general aviation operators.

We are specialised in creating IT systems supporting everyday operational work. We offer support in planning and implementation of our solutions in such a way that the product is fully adjusted to customer’s needs.

Having many years of experience in aviation operations, we understand perfectly your needs and we are willing to answer your questions concerning IT solutions.


We offer a wide range of trainings conducted in the variety of forms: traditional (stationary), e-learning and mixed which is a combination of e-learning and instructor’s contribution.

Note: Traditional trainings may be conducted in any place, agreed with the customer.
E-learning and "mixed" type trainings will be introduced into our offer in June 2020.
Trainings have been prepared by qualified and experienced instructors and meet all the essential requirements needed for the job and imposed by binding law regulations.
We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer.
We also offer comprehensive preparation and realisation of trainings adjusted to individual needs of each Customer. In this case, scope of training and all the details are established directly with the Customer.


We offer professional translations in the field of aviation in the following languages:

- Polish -> English -> Polish
- Polish -> German -> Polish
- Polish -> Russian -> Polish
- English <-> German

The translations are carried out by persons with specialized education and extensive experience in the aviation industry, as well as certificates confirming knowledge of a foreign language at the required level, ensuring high quality of translations.
Translations are performed by specialists in a given field, familiar with the appropriate specific terminology, additionally supported by experts from our Team.

We provide translations in the wide aviation area, in particular:
- flight operations
- aviation technics
- legal and legislative

We also deal with translation and creation of multilingual operating and technical documentation.
Soon, our offer will be enriched with translations in Spanish language.
We approach each translation process individually, both from the point of view of the translation's implementation time and its valuation.
If you want to get detailed information about your project, do not hesitate to contact us!


We conduct activities related to the development and implementation of innovative solutions for aviation.

The solutions we create are the result of creative work, from the idea, through the functional analysis of the project, the development of variants and implementation possibilities, ending with the creation of an innovative product and its implementation.

The process also includes obtaining financing for particular stages of the project, as well as proceedings at the Patent Office, aimed at covering the protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and topography of integrated circuits, in accordance with the national and/or international procedure.

We are currently working on several original projects, the effects of which we will soon be able to present on our website.
If you have an interesting idea, and you do not know how to implement it - write to us. We will be happy to answer your questions and show you the possibilities to implement your idea.

If your idea turns out to be interesting, we will present the terms of cooperation and the schedule of project work, the possibilities of financing the project and preparation of the final product implementation.


Weight And Balance

We offer professional trainings in the field of Weight and Balance, taking into consideration specifics of certain aircraft type/variant or even the specific aircraft S/N.

WAB trainings are intended for:

🖝 Aircraft crew members
🖝 Flight dispatchers
🖝 Flight operations engineers
🖝 Ground Handling agents
🖝 Aviation authority inspectors
🖝 Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in the field of weight and balance

Trainings are conducted by qualified, experienced and certified instructors.

During WAB trainings, following issues are discussed:

◈ Principles, definitions, rules and methods of weight and balance

Aircraft manufacturer’s documentation (AFM, POM, WBM)

Operational documentation used during the weight and balance process as well as methods of filling in during respective stages of the process (Loadsheet, Loading Instruction/Report, NOTOC)

◈ LDM, CPM, UCM, MVT messages

BULK and containerized airplanes

PAX, CARGO, MIX airplanes

ULD (Unit Load Devices) - pallets and containers, loading, mounting and securing methods, limitations

Aircraft specifics, taking into consideration its construction, limitations, dimensions and individual features which must be considered while load planning

Manual and computer methods

◈ Influence of weight and centre of gravity on aircraft performance and flight safety

Combining theory with practice – multiple exercises calculated together with the instructor

Each training may be prepared individually, taking into consideration needs of our Customers.

Aircraft Performance

We offer professional trainings in the field of Aircraft performance, taking into consideration specifics of certain aircraft type/variant or even the specific aircraft.

PERF trainings are intended for:

🖝 Aircraft crew members
🖝 Flight dispatchers
🖝 Flight operations engineers
🖝 Engineers involved in aerodrome and airstrip designing
🖝 Aviation authority inspectors
🖝 Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in the field of aircraft performance

Trainings are conducted by qualified, experienced and certified instructors.

Sample issues discussed during PERF trainings:

◈ Principles, definitions, rules and methods of performance analysis and calculations

◈ Different methods of performance data presentation with reference to aircraft manufacturer’s standards

Manual and computer methods

Specifics of given aircraft type with special reference to crucial parameters influencing aircraft performance

Performance analysis with regard to weight and balance and taking into consideration specifics of aircraft type and/or variant as well as specifics of aerodrome (runway characteristics, direction, obstacles, SID/STAR procedures, etc.)

Methodology of performance calculations for special procedures, for the specific runway direction, obstacles, meteorological conditions, etc. (Special Procedures)

Work with aircraft manufacturer’s original documentation (AFM, FOM, POM, FCOM, FPPM, PPM, etc.)

Combining theory with practice – multiple exercises calculated together with the instructor

Each training is prepared individually, taking into consideration needs of our customers.

Safety Management System

Safety Management System (SMS) constitutes a systematic approach to safety management, together with specifying responsibility, necessary organisational infrastructure, rules and procedures.

The aim of Safety Management System is to assure orderly approach to managing an organisation in a manner allowing to control risk connected with air operations.

Effective safety management must consider specifics of both organisational structure and processes connected with safety of air operations.

SMS trainings are intended  for:

🖝 Air operators
🖝 Ground handling agents (HA)
🖝 ATC services
🖝 Aerodrome managers
🖝 Anyone who would like to receive or extend one’s knowledge in the field of safety management in aviation

Sample issues discussed during SMS training:

◈ Safety Management System (SMS) requirements
◈ Safety Policy, Just Culture, Safety Culture
◈ Planning, management and safety assurance
◈ Safety promotion
◈ Personnel – requirements, responsibilities, permissions
◈ Threat identification
◈ SMS structure and documentation

Trainings are based on:

◈ EU 965/2012 Part ORO and ORA (GEN.200)/AMC/GM, NPA ADR+TECH
◈ Annex 19 ICAO


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